Henry James Bird Junior was born on March 2, 1874. 

He was educated at Upper Canada College in Toronto. At the age of fourteen or fifteen, he attended Yorkshire College in Leeds, England, where he had special training in the manufacture of woollen goods. 

At the Birdís Woollen Mills in Bracebridge, Henry was a dye specialist. A prominent member of the community, in 1911 Henry was elected, by acclamation, as a member of the Bracebridge Water, Light and Power Commission. From 1922 until 1924, he was the mayor for the town. In addition to his public service, Henry held high offices in the Masonic Order and the Rotary Club.  A fan of hockey, he was one of the officers of a local hockey club and was its treasurer in 1907. In 1911, he was on the committee of the Canadian Club in Bracebridge. He owned one of the first cars in Bracebridge in 1913. 

Henry married Bertha Fielding (1875-1955) and the couple had one child, Marion.  Henry died on September 2, 1949.

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