The Bird Family

Henry James Bird

Mary Matilda Bird

 Henry James Jr.

 Robert Oliver

 William Lister

Thomas Ney

Margaret Elizabeth



The Bird family and their descendants exhibited a great deal of family spirit; they were ready to support and take a leading part in societies and associations, always considering it their duty to attend any public event if at all possible.

The family was fond of sharing in community activities including sports. The names of the Bird family may be found in old records as participants in canoe and swimming races, skating and snow shoeing as well as in dramatic and musical performances. 

In the summers, the family went down the Muskoka River by their launch, "Bobolink" to their summer home at St. Elmo, Lake Muskoka, which Mr. Bird named "Conestoga Lodge" after the neighbourhood which was his home before moving to Bracebridge. 

The Bird family entertained their guests lavishly.  Guests were awakened by a music box each morning. If the family knew a friend was in town, a garden party was organized for that afternoon. In the winter, there were snow-shoeing parties, always ending at their back door, just in time for coffee and doughnuts.  Afternoon tea was always served

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